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About Haitian Kremas

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About Haitian Kremas - Food Searches

The Haitian food beverage Kremas is the reason why holidays in Haiti are filled with joy and enjoyment. This eggless liquor with a beige texture is as sweet and flavorful as you expect, and then some! If you’re wondering what Haitian Kremas is, where you can get it, what’s the recipe, and how you can make it at home, keep reading. We’ll talk about everything and offer you a complete guide.

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There’s one place where you can get authentic Haitian Kremas, and that is SaveursLakay.com. Our recipe uses fresh and top-quality ingredients to obtain a refined Cremasse of perfect flavor. Using coconut cream, nutmeg, lemon juice, and authentic rhum, we create culinary perfection. It’s a celebratory drink worth trying!

SaveursLakay.com is a place of passion and respect for Haiti’s cultural traditions. Through Kremas, we promote the traditional Haitian eggnog, a sweetened beverage that’ll impress your taste buds right away. Visit SaveursLakay.com and benefit from discounts and offers that you can’t refuse. Haitian Kremas is worth all the effort, we promise you that!

About Haitian Kremas

Haitian Kremas is a cultural heritage based on enthusiasm, passion, and refined tastes, rather than just a sweet beverage. It’s unclear when it first appeared in Haiti, but it traditionally contains creamed coconut, sweetened condensed evaporated milk, and rhum. Rhum is a distinct rum brand distilled in the French Caribbean islands, recognized for its specific aroma.

Haitians consume Kremas during holidays and celebrations, with every housewife being able to make it. It only takes a few minutes, and the result is well worth it. Saveurs Lakay is a place of utmost commitment for Haitian Kremas and our cultural traditions. We also wanted to give you a sweet taste of Haiti, our eggless eggnog that may be better than the real thing.

What is Haitian Kremas

Haitian Kremas is a syrupy beverage with a light-brown texture that looks similar to eggnog. But it doesn’t contain any eggs. Rather, the thickening substance used is either coconut cream or lemon juice, sometimes both. Connoisseurs recommend drinking Kremas as a cold shake, with ice cubes. Ice cubes are a good idea since Kremas can be a bit too sweet for many people.

With ice cubes, you can dilute its sweetness, making it more digestible. But for people with a sweet tooth, Kremas is just perfect. The aromatic rhum gives Kremas a punchy impact that will make you dizzy after a couple of glasses. Still, it’s such a delicious drink that Saveurs Lakay has started commercializing it outside of holidays and celebrations. It’s widely available now!

Haitian Kremas Recipe

While you’ll find many Haitian Kremas recipes out there, most revolve around the same ingredients – sweetened condensed evaporated milk, coconut cream, rhum, lemon juice, and cinnamon. Some recipes also contain nutmeg for extra flavor. You can add other spices or ingredients, but as long as you stick to the main ones, the result will be Kremas. To thicken it, add more lime juice or coconut cream, have a taste, and enjoy!

How to Make Haitian Kremas

If you follow a step-by-step recipe, you’ll finish making Kremas in 5-10 minutes at most. You’ll need evaporated and sweetened milk first. Pour them in a large bowl and stir until you fully mix them. Then, add the coconut cream and keep mixing. After this comes the rest of the ingredients, including nutmeg, anise star, vanilla, cinnamon, and almonds. Mix everything again.

You’ll want to thicken the mixture at this point, which you can do with lime juice. Add some lime juice, mix everything, and have a taste. Is the texture thick enough? Then stop adding lime juice. If it’s not thick enough, add some more and have another taste. Finally, add the Haitian rhum and mix everything one last time. Leave it sitting there for a couple of minutes, and you can serve it!

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